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Waagenbau March 06, 2022

WaagenbauBack Im Bau - re-reopeningMarch 6, 2022Thank you very much @waagenbau and everyone who was still up and dancing at 06 a.m. ☕. I'm so grateful for this. Be safe. Stay Sane.view all posts

Waagenbau October 9, 2021

WaagenbauBack Im Bau - reopeningOctober 9, 2021After over one and a half years of uncertaintys, the famous WAAGENBAU was able to reopen its doors. Two long and amazing nights on October 8 and 9, 2021. This is the very club I was initially taken to for my first rave experience ever. Being invited nine years [...]

Beat Boutique Sep. 11, 2021

Beat BoutiqueSeptember 11, 2021Max-Brauer-Allee 219, 22765 Hamburg.Beat BoutiqueSeptember 11, 2021Max-Brauer-Allee 219, 22765 Hamburg.view all posts

Humanoid / Recovery EP

Humanoid / Recovery On august 13, 2021 I was able to release two of my new songs on Amber Blue Recordings (ABR067). SPNYRD and Herr Oppermann were kind enough to pare these two tracks with beautiful and stream on all plattforms view all posts

Reboot music video by Reizflut

Rebootmusic video by reizflutI’ve met Jakob and Jakob through a good friend. After visiting their spectacular exhibition in February 2020, we stayed in touch and slowly started sharing ideas about our visions and projects. At that time, they were preparing the launch of their new website, so we decided to join forces with this mind […]

gear stand

gear stand Finally, it’s finished Rising the equipment up to my height, besides, fixing the space issues in many stage situations was a crucial design aspect when planning and constructing this piece. View all Posts

9×9 Schrødingers Hamburg

Schrødingers Hamburg Live at 9×9 Against all circumstances the marvellous team of Waagenbau and Schrødingers managed to pull of a summer full of music and memories. Find out about the 9×9 events and get nostalgic over their extensive video collection. View all Posts