clubs and festivals welcome

If you are putting together a lineup for a club- or festival context, please do not hesitate to talk to me : )


Here is some information about my setup. Please consider this as important as it is to me since I fully rely on my equipment to be able to play live.

press photos

Feel free to use these photos within your promotion for an event that you and your team chose to book me for. Editorial use is also welcomed (credit information: portraits by Adrian Henning / performance photo by Hannes Beck).

press info

Ole Sieber crafts danceable tunes influenced by a unique blend of musical styles. As a live act, he exclusively performs his own music, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for his audience. From pulsating rhythms to infectious melodies, his music is a fusion of diverse sounds, drawing inspiration from techno, dub, metal, and neo-classic. Explore his repertoire to discover his distinct sound. Join Ole Sieber on his sonic journey today.

Ole Sieber erschafft mitreißende Beats und eingängige Melodien. Als Live-Act spielt er ausschließlich seine eigene Musik und schafft so ein greifbares Erlebnis für sein Publikum. Seine Songs vereinen gekonnt Elemente aus Techno, Dub, Metal und Neo-Klassik. Entdecke seinen Sound und begleite Ole Sieber auf seiner musikalischen Reise.